We deliver Indian Authentic naturally grown Good Food at the best price by sourcing directly from farmers & farming communities.
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Peanut Butter - Rich in nutrients
Peanut butter is rich in a variety of nutrients — but it's also rich in calories and fat. While the healthy fats in peanut butter are nutritious, you should consume them in moderation to avoid unwanted weight gain or potential health problems.
Peanut Butter - Rich in nutrients
'Rajamudi,' is a variety of red rice that was earlier grown exclusively for the Wadiyars or Maharajas of Mysore. It is a rich source of dietary fibre, antioxidants and iron.
Rajamudi Rice


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Delivers Indian authentic natural food from the right source, which is free from chemical and pesticide. Currently we are directly working with some farmers and farmer groups in and around Karnataka & our products are reaching to all over bring change in Good Food ecosystem benefitting end customers. India with different platforms. please feel free to contact us.

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